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Paradise Polled: Americans and the Afterlife

Since the genesis of modern polling, the American public has been asked about not only their opinions on the political and social issues of the day, but their beliefs about the biggest questions humanity faces. What are the most important things in life?

Love, Marriage and the Vatican: Americans' Attitudes about Marriage and the Catholic Church

Next week, the world’s Catholic bishops will descend upon Rome for an Extraordinary General Council of the Synod. This rare meeting of church leaders has been convened by Pope Francis, who has signaled a willingness to change the Church’s direction to meet contemporary challenges to family and marriage.

No Religion

Public Perspective, January/February 2003. A profile of America's unchurched ...


Public Perspective, January/February 2003. Civic faith in moments of national crisis ...

Related Data

Pew Forum 2010 Sub-Saharan Africa Religion Dataset

Between December 2008 and April 2009, the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, conducted a survey based on more than 25,000 face-to-face interviews in 19 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, regarding religious beliefs and practices.

2nd Quarter 2015 Gallup Data Available

Eight Gallup Organization studies conducted from April-June, 2015 are now available for download. These studies cover a wide range of topics including the 2016 Presidential Election, Religion, Federal Government Performance, Driving Under the Influence, and the Affordable Care Act. View the 8 new Gallup Polls.

Faith Matters Survey 2006

The Faith Matters Survey was conducted on behalf of Harvard University by International Communications Research in the summer of 2006.   The survey was generously funded by the John Templeton Foundation.

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Services Provided by Churches Attended by Black Americans
Dalai Lama